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Practical information

The festival takes place in Midtbygda, the center of Nannestad, and the main festival area is located right next to Bygdemuseet (the Nannestad Local Museum).
In addition, there will be other events taking place at various venues around our parish. 

+ Parking

Parking in the center of Nannestad is free. However, parking space is very limited, especially during the day, so we strongly encourage carpooling. Alternatively, use another mode of transportation, or park your car at the house of someone you know who lives in the vicinity. The bus stop Nannestad torg is located right next to the festival area.

+ Tickets

Tickets for the Nannestad Festival evening events can be bought at hoopla. Some of the events are free for people below the age of 18, but they must still book a ticket through Hoopla. Some of the events have separate ticket booking arrangements, see the program for more information.

+ Accessibility

We are happy to assist with accessibility-related questions and concerns at all events, but unfortunately, not all venues are equally well-equipped for receiving guests with various types of disability. Regardless, we welcome all, so please get in touch with us at, so that we may plan the required assistance in advance.

Trekanten (the Triangle), the main festival area in the center of Nannestad, has gender-neutral toilet facilities, and all external venues have wheelchair-accessible toilets.

The Nannestad Festival accepts Companion Cards. However, only those who have a municipality-issued Companion Card may bring a companion. Admission is free for companions carrying a valid Companion Card and ID. The user buys a ticket in the ordinary manner. 

+ Coronavirus

The Nannestad Festival follows the official rules for infectious disease control that are in place at any given time. This means that changes may occur at short notice.

We do our part to ensure social distancing and good hygiene, but we also rely on our guests to assist us in this matter. Show consideration - stay at home if you feel unwell, wash your hands, use hand sanitizer, and keep your distance (even if it is really nice meeting old friends!).

More information on infectious disease control will be added when we are closer to the festival and we know more about which rules will be in place.

+ Age limits

Trekanten (the Triangle), the festival area in the center of Nannestad, is open to all.

A valid age ID is required for buying alcoholic beverages.

At festival events in other places, age limits may vary. See the program for more information. 

+ Food and beverages

Food and beverages will be sold at Trekanten (the main festival area).

Food and beverages may be ordered and paid for at your table, preferably via our online application. In order to make use of this non-contact ordering option, you must have installed Vipps or bank ID on your phone. It will be possible to order directly from a waiter and pay cash or card, but we would like to encourage our guests to utilize the non-contact option.

It is not allowed to bring your own food and beverages into the main festival area. However, plenty of lawn space surrounds the festival area, and there are benches available too, so feel free to have a picnic!